“When I see beauty I see God, it opens my heart, it softens me, I become perceptive, I transcend the empirical, I leave analysis behind, I reside in the infinite, I’m on my knees, I’m grateful for the light that falls on my eyes and it is then that I’m granted to give birth to something new.”

Alex Stenzel (born 1965) is a German-American artist and former fashion designer who is known for a new style of abstract overpainted photographs and innovative designs in architecture, fashion and product design.[1][2][3]

Stenzel has produced oil paintings, collages, sculptures, photographs and overpainted photographs.[5][3][14] In 2001 Stenzels’ exhibition at the Absolute L.A. Biennial Art Invitational was exhibited at the Coleman Gallery and sponsored by the German Consulate.[15] Stenzels’ work 10 Tons was on the cover of the L.A Biennial Catalog.[16]“It is the remarkable combination and juxtaposition of nature, art history references, and man made elements, with a manipulation of space and weight, that make this new series a breakthrough–a pioneering foot pushing apart a theatrical curtain that has been opened for the first time,” writes art critique, Bruce Helander of the Huffington Post.[17] In 2002 the overpainted photograph, Shipwreck 6.0 tons was auctioned at Angel Art, Christie’s Auction, hosted by Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles.[18][4] Stenzel 2002 exhibition at the Don O’Melveny gallery was reviewed by Peter Frank as LA Weekly “Art Picks of the Week”.[12] In 2014 Stenzel traded artwork with German entertainer Michael Wigge and appeared in his movie Barter for Paradise.[19]

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